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Our firm is strongly linked to the University world, our chief objective being to promote the ongoing transfer of know-how and expertise between academic research and our profession. Two worlds with an ever-increasing need for a powerful and constructive dialogue, essential not only to foster greater awareness and practicality in theoretic research but also to fine-tune the level of analysis and legal argument inherent to our professional activities.
This bond between the Firm and the University becomes factual, moreover, with: the frequent publication of essays and scientific research, written and undertaken by our Partners and their collaborators; the continuous performance of teaching activities in degree and post-degree courses; our participation in academic and professional editorial initiatives; the organisation of internal, in-depth study courses held by prominent academic lecturers; our close contact with certification boards regarding employment contracts set up within a university framework; the start-up of traineeships offering university students the chance to measure up to the professional world even before graduating and, consequently, to demonstrate their potential capabilities.