Our History


Our firm was founded in the sixties by Avvocato Maurizio Marazza and from its very beginning made its mark as a national benchmark for expert assistance within the labour law sector, supporting, in times of duress strategically important corporations nationwide.

With the added aim of pursuing promptly and efficiently the rapid evolution of legislation and productive processes, the law firm “Studio Legale Marazza” became, in 2003, the professional association “Marazza & Associati” thus creating, with the entry of Avvocato Domenico De Feo and Prof. Avv. Marco Marazza, a structure able to interpret the changing world of legal services with a view, always sought after, to the streamlined merging of innovation and tradition. Even today, with over fifty years history behind us, we continue to operate on a national and International level, supplying expert assistance, both judicial and out-of-court, within the framework of employment structuring and law,  industrial relations and social security.

We operate as partners with the principle economic realities in our Country: industrial, banking, insurance and financial groups, public administrations and companies, corporations operating in the transport and telecommunications fields and in the health, trade and services, sports and entertainment sectors.

Our Philosophy

Our reference values are Competence, clarity, immediacy,  confidentiality, state of the art modernity.

To give substance to these values, the philosophy animating our daily operations is the pursuit of the perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

The incessant evolution of the legal services scenario entails keeping abreast with the updating of structural models, technological equipment, communication and marketing plans. Our aim is to interpret these changes without denying the essence of the personal trust relationship which must always bind the Client to his/her/its lawyer.

For this reason Marazza & Associati is organized in keeping with tradition. A structure guaranteeing the highest standards of operability and professionalism and the ongoing updating of the entire legal team, to ensure in each and every circumstance the superior quality of the assistance offered, under the ever-present, authoritative and accessible  guidance of our Partners.

Our Areas of Expertise

In the context of a Civil Law increasingly sector-based and broken up into micro-areas and sub-categories, the consolidated and over fifty-year professional experience of our Firm is traditionally orientated and specialized in the labour law field. Where the extremely copious legislative production, the ever greater influence exercised by European Community law, the constant development in case-law and legislation and, not least, the incessant innovation of technological and structural procedures, demand – also within an interdisciplinary perspective –  ongoing research, updating and in-depth study.

Marazza & Associates offers highly specialized assistance covering the entire perimeter of employment (subordinate and autonomous), regarding industrial relations and social security. Moreover, thanks also to the continuous transfer of knowledge between the research and professional spheres, our Firm possesses  know-how, probably unique in the national scenario, inherent to specific ultra specialized areas. Sectors where labour law is destined to become an integrated part of ulterior, different know-howabove all, employment and privacy; employment and insolvency procedures, employment and structuring.

Besides the classic judicial and out-of-court assistance, our Firm offers expert consulting  based on the designing and execution of complex projects (re-structuring procedures regarding  organizational set-ups; redefinition of collective bargaining frameworks, both first and second level: collective dismissals; corporate welfare; company transfers; creation of new companies and industrial complexes; definition of re-structuring projects in the context of insolvency procedures, aimed at the winding-up of business complexes or their re-structuring; creation of agency networks; management of contractor networks and risk monitoring; setting-up of autonomous work structures; privacy management plans; labour costs management plans; retention plans; etc…).

Our Firm, since start-up, has always been capable of flanking our Clients regarding the ordinary management of their human resources (remuneration policies, job allocation, flexibility, career prospects, training transfers, dismissals, etc.) and their industrial relations (exercising trade-union rights in work-places; trade-union advice procedures; issues relevant to collective bargaining, strikes, etc.)

To ensure an exhaustive technical analysis regarding the various issues faced within judicial and out-of-court contexts, our Firm collaborates, on an ongoing basis, with well-known professional firms dealing with fiscal and taxation, penal and administrative matters.